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  • The first few “Maya” weeks

    It is a human tendency to create a mental image about a person, place or workplace at least in my case, it helps me to know my boundaries and set some rules on how I should interact with people that I work with. And so, I have created a mental image on the first day at the office regarding my new chapter in life with Maya Team. But with just a month in my new position at Maya Consulting, I can already say that my mental image and perception about my team and work culture is being challenged and changed for the better.

    As a person who is having hard times adapting to new environments, a different cultural background compared to majority members of the team and a tough language barrier, these can be challenges at times. But I am quite surprised and happy to see how my team is willing to guide me through some of these challenges.

    From offering me a cup of coffee as a friendly gesture and helping me improve my Finnish spoken skills to guiding me thought the projects as mentors and speaking in a language that I am comfortable with at times, Maya team has been very supportive and welcoming since day one.

    As Finnish people say “Ei hätä ole tämän näköinen” – This is the environment I believe I am in with Maya team; their can-do attitude gives me confidence and comfort in doing my part.  This is a team of highly skilled, talented, enthusiastic and hard-working people and I am glad to be part of them. There are plenty of things that me and people of my skill sets can learn from this team.

    With all definitions of what the word “Maya” could mean to different people. Where I come from, Maya also means, amongst other things, Magical. The first few weeks have been incredible, and I look forward to more “Maya” moments in the future!