We are MAYA

We create value together with our customers. Our passion is to resolve problems and challenges related to ERP or other systems and solutions as well operational models and processes.

We are the missing link in your implementation projects. Our technical skills go hand in hand with our natural business process understanding and courage to take responsibility. We are business consultants with a practical touch. We are software artisans – not just developers. We are MAYA.

Our Services

Our broad understanding of business development, digitalization, quality assurance, and both the business- and technical aspects of ERP implementation projects allows us to take lead and responsibility for the success of our customers.


Implementation & Solution Advisory

To ensure your solution implementation is delivered on-time, on-budget, and within agreed scope, customers should seek for implementation partner with extensive background of successfully completed projects across different industries.

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Digitalisation Artisans

Our Digitalisation Artisans are in the heart of Maya consulting, unlocking the digital potential of our customers via the means of ecommerce, data utilisation, integrations, cloud, software and application development.

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Practical Business Consulting

We get it done. We take responsibility for creating value by not only understanding the goals of the company but by working with the experts of our customers to create something that is not only ambitious but practical as well.

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Quality Assurance

Maya’s Business Assurance and Testing services delivers through the foundation of trust and transparency. We are a handpicked team of professionals who are willing to do what it takes for our customers to succeed.

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Are you the next new MAYA?

We are looking for talent – We look for the best people for the right roles

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On the surface

Construction, Practical Business Consulting

Takt in Construction

Productivity has been at a standstill in construction for the past 70 years. One of the tools the industry has chosen to try and tackle this issue is Takt planning, which has been a mainstay...

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Manufacturing & Process Industry

Manufacturing industry is getting digital

Companies around the world are considering what does the digitalization mean for them. This is obviously company specific but there are also some generic industry specific areas to be considered. For the manufacturing companies there...

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Quality Assurance

MAYA Managed Quality Services (MMQS™) – Assuring your Business

Business is constantly changing these days as end customers are not just satisfied with less, Quality at Maya begins with thought process of “Change is the only constant”. Maya delivers enterprise business assurance through our...

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