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Your Go-To Nordic LeanIX Services Partner

Speed up LeanIX implementation and enhance organizational enablement with Maya LeanIX Advisory

We’re not just experts in IT; we’re architects of business transformation. As the preferred LeanIX Advisory partner in the Nordics, we specialize in bridging the gap between technology and business processes.

You wouldn’t implement an ERP system on your own? Neither should you be alone in enabling LeanIX in your organization. We work to ensure organizations fully leverage their LeanIX investment, optimizing its usage across departments for enhanced organizational efficiency.

Maya + LeanIX – Helping maximize ROI from LeanIX

  • High user satisfaction and adoption rate: We support our clients to effectively implement LeanIX and execute the enablement within the business & IT organization
  • Increased efficiency and quality in business & IT collaboration: We support our clients in designing holistic business & IT collaboration platforms, to achieve the maximized benefit with LeanIX​
  • Cost optimized business-IT initiative planning & delivery: We support our clients in the usage of LeanIX throughout the business-IT planning & delivery cycle, for cost-optimized initiative planning & execution​

We are here to accelerate the LeanIX enablement in your organization​!

Why Choose Maya Consulting?

  1. Preferred LeanIX Partner in the Nordics: We are recognized for our expertise and successful implementation and enablement of LeanIX solutions.
  2. Bridging IT and Business: Our unique approach integrates IT solutions with business process management and architecture, driving comprehensive organizational growth.
  3. Accelerating & Enabling LeanIX use in your organization : Our team of experts provides end-to-end LeanIX services with the goal to accelerate the LeanIX enablement in your organization and maximize ROI of your LeanIX investment.

Contact Us When:

  • You are interested in LeanIX advisory services to fully leverage your investment into LeanIX
  • You are interested in a LeanIX introduction and demo
  • You are planning a POC with LeanIX
  • You are planning a LeanIX Trial and want to gain the most out of your trial period

Challenges we often come across in enabling EAM solutions

ChallengeMaya Value
Benefits are not achieved due to low business & IT user buy-in​Understanding, facilitating & communicating the business benefits and the user’s needs. Leading the way for better user adoption and satisfaction
Business & IT silos during tool implementation cause low usageSetting up and overall integrated tool architecture aligned with the operationg model and roadmap is vital for efficient usage, to avoid confusion and manual tasks, and to optimize tool costs
Tools are implemented without an operating model alignment​Defining an operating model for business-IT planning & delivery utilizing the available tools effectively ​to enable clear understanding of tool usage and to ensure seamless collaboration between business & IT

With our experience and know-how, we help our customers in tackling the challenges​!

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LeanIX provides a vast resource library and information about their solutions. Read more about LeanIX at

Also – view our webinar together with LeanIX and Signavio on synergizing technology – Powering App Optimization, Transformation & Development

Let’s Get Started

Ready to get the most out of your LeanIX investment? We are here to ensure that your journey with LeanIX is not just about implementing a tool but about transforming your business.

Get in touch today, and let’s chat about how we can help your business.

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