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Integrating Business and Technology for Transformative Excellence

We connect technology and business strategy. Our team of enterprise architects are not just IT experts and business professionals; we’re your partners in digital evolution. 

Our aim is to ensure that transformation initiatives and organization-level change initiatives support business strategy and reach desired outcomes. This is done by addressing common critical issues by, in a structured way, enabling strategy-driven business & IT planning and delivery! 

Why call us:

  • You want to enhance collaboration between business and IT
  • You are planning a large-scale transformation initiative ​
  • You want to ensure your transformation initiative is driven by a systematic, pragmatic, and results-oriented approach
  • You aim to elevate your Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management by refining operational models and leveraging tools like LeanIX EAM or Signavio.

Our edge

Our wealth of experience across a variety of digital initiatives equips us with the insights and expertise necessary to tackle the toughest digital project challenges.

We stand by our commitment to not just meet, but redefine the benchmarks of business-IT synergy. Our mission is unwavering: to innovate beyond the conventional and forge new pathways in the alignment of business objectives and technological capabilities.

Your Industry, Our Expertise 

From retail giants to dynamic manufacturing units, our clientele spans diverse sectors. Our approach is simple: understand your unique needs and work together in enabling business-IT alignment in your organization with the help of our Maya Lean Transformation Framework.  

Connect with Us 

Contact us today to explore how we can guide your organization towards a the alignment of business and IT, ensuring a future-ready, streamlined, and efficient operations. 

Business-driven IT Planning

Business-driven IT Planning

Project Planning and Preparedness for Change

Have you ever noticed how often we rely on our plans to run as smoothly as a dance? In the late 1970s, Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky observed that this planning fallacy is common across...

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Business-driven IT Planning, Implementation & Solution Advisory

Iterative decision making – minimising risk without reducing the outcome

Decision making regarding organisational changes can be challenging. It is easy to recognise the need for change but finding the correct decision and solution can be gruelling. Maybe you want to improve the compensation plan for employees? Maybe there is a need for a new...

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