• Digital Commerce & Development Case
  • Advanced B2B Digital Commerce Platform with microservices architecture  

    Maya’s Digital Commerce developers were assigned the responsibility of transitioning from a monolithic ecommerce platform to microservices architecture for one of the largest retail customers in the Nordics. The digital platform comprises diverse cloud-based microservices, which are integrated with various digital sales touchpoints and legacy backend systems, such as SAP ERP. 

    What we did: 

    Maya helped the customer in a broad array of domains 

    • AWS cloud architecture and microservice development 
    • B2B website, B2B sales tool with integrations to ERP, Mobile application 
    • Lead Developer roles in multiple teams and applications.  
    • SAP ECC Development 
    • Test Management & QA 


    Through our developers’ efforts, the customer was able to establish future-proof digital commerce solution, which has now become one of their strategic focus areas. The microservice architecture we constructed, boasting world-class performance, has been shown to incrementally boost sales. This gives the customer safe base for growth and continuous development.  


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