Petteri Toukoniitty, Associate Partner
  • Manufacturing & Process Industry
  • Manufacturing industry is getting digital

    Companies around the world are considering what does the digitalization mean for them. This is obviously company specific but there are also some generic industry specific areas to be considered.

    For the manufacturing companies there are at least three topics every company should consider:

    1. What is our role and position in the eco-system of customers, suppliers, partners, employees etc. and which are the technical enablers for seamless, long lasting co-operation. In order for companies to build long lasting relationships it is mandatory that the solutions are not only supporting internal business processes but also enable business process integration with their partners.
    2. What is the role of data in process optimization. The amount of data produced e.g. as part of the manufacturing processes is huge. It is important for the companies to understand the value of this data and take out the full benefit out of it.
    3. How do the companies utilize AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT and other modern technologies to achieve business benefits. Use of AI has made a huge impact in the way that products are manufactured and has led to more efficient production process that is less prone to human error. Many industries use artificial intelligence to predict when mechanical parts may require replacing or take advantage of using computer vision to identify discrepancies and deviations in production process that may be undetectable to the human eye. Corporate support functions can benefit from using AI in e.g. automatic processing of incoming purchase invoices.

    We are here to help you to understand the impacts and create value-adding solutions!